Kingdom 10 Cue Sequencer

Kingdom 10 Cue Sequencer
Kingdom 10 Cue Sequencer
Brand: Kingdom
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Notice: This product is not suitabkle for use with the Cobra Firing System. The Cobra Firing System has a high continuity test current that can trigger the Kingdom sequencer.

Also please note that the CH1-R 1 Cue Receivers are not suitable for use with this productas they do not provide enough voltage to trigger the sequencer.

Please consider the high quality 13 Cue RhinoFire STEP13 Programmable Sequencer / Stepper. This does not experience these issues.

This 10 Cue Firework Sequencer / Stepper can be triggered by any other Firing System that produces more than a 6 volt output.

Ideal for expanding an existing firing system to allow automatic sequences.

Ideal as a sequencer / stepper for special effect, SFX or pyrotechnics.

Connect as many 10 Cue Sequencers together as you want.


  • Battery or External Power Supply
    2 x PP3 9v internal battery or 12 - 24v  external battery.
  • Trigger Input
    6 - 30v pulse from any source will start the sequencer.
  • Expandable
    Connect many sequencers together using simple 2 core wire.
  • No Relays
    Solid State MOSFETs used to fire each Cue.
  • High Output Power
    12 - 24v output on each Cue.
  • All Fire Mode
    Fire all 10 Cues when triggered.
  • "Same Time" Fire Mode
    Fire all 10 Cues with the same time delay between each cue (0.00 - 9.99s)
  • "Different Time" Fire Mode
    Fire all 10 Cues with a different time delay between each cue (0.00 - 9.99s).
  • Test
    Continuity check on each Cue and the Output Terminals.


  • 1 x 10 Cue Sequencer.



pdf icon Instructions v1

Number of Cues 10
Battery 2 x PP3 9v

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